Vundle, y u do dis

January 18, 2015 - 2 min read

Now to start off with, I apparently can't read and feel quite stupid for wasting 30 mins of my life messing with this problem.

Recently, I decided that vim was a good idea. So I commited to not avoiding it in favor of Sublime Text (I still need to fix the html stuff so that using Sublime isn't so damn tempting) and the editor-switching stuff has been going well.

When I decided to stop stealing someone else's vimrc, I also switched to using Vundle instead of Pathogen. This ended up throwing a slew of strange errors not even mentioning a shell such as Error detected while processing function vundle#installer#new..vundle#scripts#view:. Googling this gave me a seemingly completely unrelated issue from 2010 (typical as of late sadly). After trying a few things like deleting .vim/bundle, nothing was seeming to work. So I went off to read the docs. After messing with the GitHub wiki, I realised that I'm a derp and should read properly. There was a section clearly labeled I don't use a POSIX Shell (i.e. Bash/Sh) to read about this.

That being said, this isn't a totally useless I'm-an-idiot post, because gmarik could do something better. There could be detection of capabilities required, so that there's a pleasant error message stating what went wrong, rather than the current state of throwing a 20 line long error lacking entirely in description of what failed, and where. This is also partially vim's problem, because it could state that an error happened while executing shell code or similarly useful things.