Introducing my new theme

March 6, 2016 - 1 min read

Recently, I had enough of the Arabica theme for Ghost. Put simply, it was ancient, didn't look that great anyway, and was missing a bunch of newer Ghost features.

Its replacement is a fork of lanyon-ghost, itself a fork of lanyon (a theme for Jekyll).

Currently, all I've changed is the fonts, and I switched the homepage to display full posts, as it's quite irritating to have to click on each one to read it (while I'm at it, it would be great if Ghost allowed to put a mark where the fold in the page is, so that longer posts don't eat up all the space on the page).

The fonts in use are the beautiful Charter (main content), Fira Sans (headings, other text), and Source Code Pro (monospace/code).

There's also an author page that shows the author's description, image and such along with their posts.

Here's the code: